Trading Ideas and Analysis

About Trade Ideas

One of the greatest ways to enhance your trading skills is by observing what others are doing. Trade ideas ( can be market analyses, predictions or trade set-ups depending on concrete market conditions. By making use of a Play button, you can view how your earlier predictions really played out. Trading ideas can also comprise of educational material and an illustration of how analysis approaches, trading methods or tools really work. Usually, trade ideas are investment ideas that are equity related, ‘long’ for buy or ‘short’ for sell, and are sent by institutional stockbrokers to their usual clients; it isn’t a service offered to private clients.

Since the client’s specific area of investment interest is taken into consideration, the idea author (for example a salesman) will keep in mind the client’s portfolio size, investment style, and the geographic and sector focus. Trade ideas can have a variety of recipients such as proprietary trading desks for banks, hedge funds, and even money managers. The ideas are then sent to the client alongside a recommendation to either buy or sell, a value for the investment (e.g. $5 million) and most of the time a sign of the level of conviction as well as a time frame. Funds that make use of systematic or quantitative strategies are among the most active consumers of trading ideas.

Brokers don’t send the trade ideas to any other but their most dear clients. After offering ideas that allow major investment returns, they’re in turn rewarded by their clients with large commission payments. Therefore, trading ideas are greatly performance related. Only the brokers that always offer good ideas are paid by their clients and those clients that are ready to pay are the only ones who get to receive the broker’s ideas.

There’re plenty of areas of technical analysis where some are basic and others a bit more complicated. The sophisticated ones are supported by lots of data, many bar styles, smart drawing tools, and a host of indicators. Trade ideas can associate to any asset like features, stocks or currencies or any trading technique such as wave analysis, harmonic patterns or chart patterns. Most are the times that traders use a mixture of a few methods and search for confluence and an increment in their odds.

There’re also trading ideas on trading psychology, risk management, and trading plans. Irrespective of the method you choose, it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that the cycle of creating, collaborating, sharing and learning to depend on carefully thought-out ideas will assist you to enhance your trading skills.

Examples of Trade Ideas

As of now, there’s plenty of actionable trading ideas, news, and analysis that can encourage short-term trades. A few of these include:

  • Simmons First National (SFNC) Predicted to Beat Earnings Estimates.
  • Analysts Predict Steel Dynamics (STLD) to Report a Decrease in Earnings.
  • Tennant (TNC) Earnings Estimated to Grow.
  • Whirlpool (WHR) Earnings Estimated to Grow.
  • Which Broad Market ETFs to Buy Right Away?

There’re also other sites that can provide you with ideas for daily trades. These include sites such as Benzinga Trading ideas, FinancialJuice, VantagePoint Software,,, and many more. For backtesting trading ideas, serves as a tool that allows access to lots of data for backtesting trading ideas so as to use them as working strategies. TradingView is also another tool that enables the backtesting of technical analysis strategies and ideas. Traders can also enjoy writing their own code with this tool.